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    MICHAEL MOWBRAY: PHOTOGRAPHER, TEACHIFIER, PHOTO EVANGELIST -- Michael is a noted speedlight expert and the best-selling author of flash photography books Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studo. These are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and wherever fine books are sold.
    You can see more of his photography at www.beautifulportraits.com.

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Shoot to Thrill Workshop June 6 to 7

STTspeedlightworkshop16It’s been almost a year since my last workshop, so I’d say it’s about time to roll with another one, eh?  The last Shoot to Thrill Workshop sold out in 3 days.  Let’s see if we can top that!

I have a new, segmented format for this workshop. You can cherry pick just the segment(s) that fits the one thing that you’ve been dying to learn, OR, you can choose to come for both complete days. Whatever works best for YOU. By popular demand I am kicking everything off with a Basic Portrait Lighting class.

Segment 1: Portrait Lighting Techniques.  Monday, June 6, 8:30am – Noon.  $129

This class will focus on teaching you the key lighting techniques that are the core of great portraiture. Learn about the importance of the direction and quality of light. Learn how to manipulate and place light just where you want it in order to create the look and mood that you desire. Students will be working with a live model to replicate what Michael is teaching. Michael will have a number of lighting modifiers on hand to use, including large and small softboxes, umbrellas, parabolics, beauty dishes, and fresnel lenses.  Attend Segment 1: Basic Portrait Lighting for just $129, attend for all of Day One for $229, or come for both Day One and Day Two for just $399. Register now.



Segment 2: Lighting on Location.  Monday, June 6, 2:00pm – 6:00pm.  $129

In this class you will learn how to work with off-camera flash (OCF) on location. In the sun.  In the shade. Mixing with ambient, and killing the ambient light. Learn how to create dramatic light as well as soft, beautiful light, wherever you are. Live model provided. Attend Segment 2: Lighting on Location for just $129, attend for all of Day One for $229, or come for both Day One and Day Two for just $399. Register now.





Segment 3: Sports Composites – Lighting, Posing, and Post-Production.  Tuesday, June 7, 8:30am – Noon. $129

Learn how Michael creates his top selling individual wall portrait for senior clients: The Xtreme Athlete Montage.  Michael will demonstrate how to light, pose and photograph a variety of images, all with a vision of how the end montage will be put together. Then Michael will guide you through his post production methods for quickly and effectively creating the montage.  Attend Segment 3: Sports Composites – Lighting, Posing, and Post-Production for just $129, attend for all of Day Two for $229, or come for both Day One and Day Two for just $399. Register now.

07_SeniorPriceGuide_Wall2Segment 4: Pricing, Products and Sales. Tuesday, June 7, 2pm – 5pm. $129

The last portion of the two-day workshop is perhaps the most important: how to turn your talent and skill into $ and be adequately rewarded for all of your hard work. Michael will discuss his proven product and pricing strategies.  Then, he will take you through his sales process, including how he guides his clients into making the choices that they will be the most happy with. Attend Segment 4: Pricing, Products and Sales for just $129, attend for all of Day Two for $229, or come for both Day One and Day Two for just $399. Register now.

Class sizes are limited in order to provide the most one-on-one attention possible. Register now before classes fill up!  First priority will be given to students who purchase the Two Day or One Day options.

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Using the X1 transmitter with MoLight Godox AD360 manual flash

I had a customer ask if the new X1 transmitter will work with the older manual flashes such as the AD360 and V850.  The answer is “yes, absolutely!”.  You do need to use the new X-System clip in receivers.  For the AD360 use the XTR16.  For the V850 use the XTR16s.

Your flashes will also work in high speed sync with the X1.  You do need to enable the HSS feature on your flash first.  Then rock and roll in HSS up to 1/8000.

Here is a quick iPhone video I shot to show the X1 working with the AD360 and XTR16.

Sung - June 9, 2016 - 10:38 am

Just to clarify – this is the v1 Godox Ad360?

Michael Mowbray - June 9, 2016 - 10:41 am

Yes, that is correct. You do need the XTR16 receiver in order to use the X1 with the manual AD360