MoLight How To Videos

MoLight How To Videos

molight_appTake our How To videos, 360 degree product views, links to the MoLight store, and much more wherever you roam!  Download and install the new MoLight app. 🙂

The MoLight app can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet or standard PC/Mac browser. And once new content gets added, your app will automatically update!  Supercool!

To download and install the app, follow these instructions:

Click on this link on your mobile device:

To install on your phone/tablet homescreen:
– Apple: Open in Safari and just follow the instructions once the app comes up.
– Android: Open using the chrome browser and follow the instructions once the app comes up.
– Windows: Open in Internet Explorer and just follow the instructions once the app comes up.

It’s just that easy!

Need more insight on how to MoLight?  These videos will show you the way.


How to set up and use the X1 Transmitter:

How to use the AD360II with the X1 transmitter:


How to use the TT685 speedlight with the X1 transmitter:

How to use the X1 receiver with your Canon or Nikon speedlights:

How to use the FT16 transmitter and receiver with the AD360 and V850 manual flashes:

The GoMo Box build quality and features:

How to use the Phottix Odin transmitter and receiver with the MoLight AD360II for Canon and Nikon

4 responses to “MoLight How To Videos”

  1. I purchased a V850 and a FT16S set. They are working fine. I also own some Canon 430EX and EXII speedlites, and would love to have a way (other than Pocket Wizards, which I also own) to fire the Canons with the Godox flash and transmitter and receiver. Any possibility of that coming in the future, or is there something available now that I just haven’s seen in your videos?

    P.S. Saw you in Madison at the WPPA convention and enjoyed your presentation. Have both of your books also.

  2. i have a d750 and using sb910. im not able to control the power using the R2 Transmitter.I have to physically use the speedlight menu to change the power.
    What setting should I use?
    I have the speedligth on Master connected to R2 receiver.

  3. The sb910 should be set to plain iTTL. Not Commander or Remote. You will then be able to control the power in TTL and in manual. However, you will not see changes and setting reflected on the back of your flash like you can with a Canon flash. The Nikon menu system does not allow the receiver to hijack it. But you will notice that the power levels have changed, which is the most important thing overall.

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