Using Nik Viveza2

I am really growing to love this software almost as much as I love Nik Color Efex Pro 3 and Silver Efex.  Viveza2 is a great tool for (1) streamlining some adjustments tasks that would take 3x as long in Photoshop, and (2) adding punch, contrast, saturation, and even lighting effects simply and will dramatic results.

My first tutorial is a good everyday application for Viveza2.  It’s for anyone who photographs high key in the studio, especially if you often spend time “cleaning up” your high key backgrounds.  I don’t shoot a lot of high key, but I will from time to time for model portfolios, commercial or babies and children.  I prefer to shoot on white vinyl cuz it just plain lasts longer than roll paper.  One downside is that it can light unevenly or be a little too reflective.  So I tend to err on the side of not overlighting it to produce a pure white.  So that leaves me with the task of cleaning up the gray spots.  This instructional shows how I can clean up a high key shot in about 15 to 20 SECONDS using Viveza2.  Enjoy.

To view an HD version of this video, opt to view it on my YouTube channel. I will be posting other tutorials soon, including a more comprehensive look at Viveza2.

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