Using Viveza2 to punch up an image

In my last post I showed how you can use Viveza2 to quickly clean up backgrounds on high key images. A useful technique, but not neccessarily one that you would use everyday — unless you shoot a lot of high key. That demo just touched on the true power of Viveza2, and why it is one of my most useful processing tools. This next demo does begin to show the overall capabilities of V2 (I’m tired of typing “viveza”…aw, crap, I did it again).

V2 allows you to make very rapid yet tightly defined color selections in an image. One of the most common uses is to darken and punch up the saturation in the sky. But V2 does so much more. In portrait and wedding work, you can add or take away light to create better definition in an image. Now I am an advocate of getting it right in camera, but during a hectic wedding day sometimes you just have to settle for close. V2 helps you to quickly take your image that next step. For architecture, which I demo here, V2 helps you to quickly enhance your image and bring out details in a difficult to light subject.

So check out this demo. I hope you find it useful.

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