The e-store is now officially open!

Yeehaw! The e-store is open!  The products that I created to help me improve my photography are now available for you to purchase.  The store has my Flexzie flash modifier that I use at weddings for everything from creating soft, dimensional light for on-the-fly candids to lighting 40-person group shots in the church.  Yes, it has in fact replaced my umbrella!

The Flexzie Flash Modifier

The Flexzie flash modifier

The Flexzie is also available as part of a complete Flash Dancer kit.  The kits include everything you need to begin to creatively use your speedlite on and off-camera.

Plus I just released my set of Preset-O-Rama Lightroom presets and Textureland Gritty Photoshop textures.  The LR presets are the ones I developed to use everyday in my processing workflow.  The textures are a variety of cool and interesting texture screens that you can use to punch up your images with a different look. Download a free sample texture and try it out…I’m sure you’ll love it.

There are grand opening specials throughout the store, including a HALF PRICE sale on my popular Walkabout Weddings DVD.  The special pricing will end soon, so get them while they’re hot!

Flash Dancer Deluxe Kit

The Flash Dancer Deluxe Kit

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