Another Flash Dancing success…one more on tap!

Even though thunderstorms threatened all day, we managed to escape unscathed and the only flashing seen on the shore of Lake Mendota was from my workshop. LOL.

I spent the morning teachifying about the power and versatility of speedlites at my studio in DeForest.  Model Jes Lynse joined us for some fun eTTL demos in the studio using my RadioPopper PX system, Canon 580EXII speedlites and Creative Light softboxes.

The afternoon consisted of mixing up some eTTL off-camera flash mixed with bright ambient light outside, plus some demos on using manual flash off-camera as well with the RadioPopper Jrx system coupled with the RP cubes.  As you can tell, I’m a big fan of RadioPoppers.  Why? Cuz they work very well and help me to create unique, dramatic lighting no matter where I am, anytime of the day.  Just check out these images of model Keara Thompson and you’ll see what I mean.

© Michael Mowbray, Madison Wisconsin photographer

Model Keara Thompson photographed by Michael Mowbray using speedlites and RadioPoppers.

© Michael Mowbray, Madison Wisconsin wedding portrait photographer

Did you miss out on all the fun and learning? Take a leisurely spring drive up to Wausau, Wisconsin for my Flash Dancing Workshop taking place on Sunday, May 15. For more information and to register, go to: workshop info.

Stay tuned for future workshops as plans are in the works for a TWO-DAY comprehensive speedlite workshop.

Happy Flashing!

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