Images from the Madison Flash Dancing Workshop

I spend most of my time during the workshop teaching, but as I am demonstrating techniques and concepts, I do get a chance to create a handful of cool images.  Here are a few from the Madison workshop.  All images were photographed using on- and off-camera Canon speedlites.  Most were triggered in eTTL mode using the RadioPopper PX system.  Several of the studio images were fired manually using the RadioPopper Jrx system.  The outdoor images utilized the High Speed Sync feature that you can attain using speedlites with the RadioPopper PX system.  For example, the “nighttime” images were shot at 2:30pm and the background behind the models was in full sun.  I used a very high shutter speed to kill the ambient light and give us the nighttime effect.

The models (in order) were Chelsea-Lynn and Kayla Ryann.

© Michael Mowbray© Michael Mowbray

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