Walking about and flash dancing at PPANI

Holy snikeys, I’ve neglecting my blogging.  And I have a ton of catching up to do!

I was fortunate to spend Pi Day with the wonderful folks at PPA Northern Illinois, hosted by my good buddy Cindy Romano at her spacious studio in Woodstock. Cindy, being the good host that she is, asked if I needed anything special for my program. Me, being the smartass that I am, turned diva rockstar and requested:

  • A bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones removed (they look naked and that creeps me out).
  • Bottles of evian chilled to precisely 68 degrees
  • and, a unicycle.

What did I find when I got there?  My bowl of M&Ms — sans the brown ones, evian, but no unicycle.  Two out of three ain’t bad. 🙂

My program was a 2fer…”Going Walkabout” in the morning followed up by a little “Flash Dancing” demo in the afternoon.  I’ve retooled “Going Walkabout” to cover all types of photography and photographers, so everyone can gain something from it.  Thankfully, it was a gorgeous, sunny day (80 degrees in March?), so I took everyone outside in the afternoon to demonstrate how to battle and work with the sun in the early afternoon  — notoriously the worst part of the day — and create dramatic portraiture.  Here are a couple of images from the demo:

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