Award-winning senior portfolios

I haven’t entered senior portfolio competitions for a numbers of years, primarily because the Wisconsin competition occurs right in the middle of my crazy senior/wedding/family explosion that happens every late fall.  After a little urging from some of my compadres, I reluctantly whipped together folios for a boy and a girl ( you can enter one of each).  Lo and behold, both merited.  I came just a few points short of winning senior photographer of the year (that distinction went to the fabulous Todd Kunstman), but overall it was a rewarding (awarding? ) endeavor.

Here are the two folios.  Every image was lit either solely by speedlite, or by a combination of speedlite and natural light, in the studio and on location.


Michael Mowbray, senior portraitMichael Mowbray, senior portrait

Studio Gearkit:  Canon 5D MKIII, Canon 70-200 f4 IS, up to 6 Canon 580EXII speedlites, Larson 3.5×5 softbox, Creative Light 60″ softbox, Larson 14×48 softstrip (hairlight), 2 Creative Light 1×4 striplights with grids (edge lights), Larson 42×72 super silver reflector, RadioPopper Jrx system with RP Cubes to remotely control speedlite power, mix of Canon and Pixel powerpacks.

Location Gearkit: Camera, lens and speedlites from above; Canon 24-105 f4 IS, RadioPopper PX system for remote eTTL OCF, Aurora Firefly portable beauty dish softbox, Denny Mfg diffuser translucent panel

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