Skype-ing for the win!

Okay, this Skype thing is pretty cool. I’ve been avoiding it, but after booking a wedding via a brief Skype meeting this morning, I think I’m hooked.  I didn’t use my computer.  I didn’t use my laptop or Android tablet. I didn’t even use my iPad Mini.  I use my Samsung SIII phone.  I was amazed by the quality via the phone. I tested it yesterday by skype-ing (skyping?) my associate, Krystal. Of all of the options, the phone worked the best.  Crazy.  Of course, I used good light and a background for me…I do have standards you know. 🙂  It also might help with the time lost to waiting for late appointments or no shows.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t just go back to work while I’m waiting for a consultation to arrive. And wait.  And wait.  Don’t get me wrong…I still prefer a face to face meeting. Plus, how else can a potential client handle and see the quality of your albums.  But in today’s hectic schedule, a little bit of Skype-ing from time to time can go a long way.

Skype site

Skype for Android


Skype for iPhone


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