Review of “Direction & Quality of Light”

I have enjoyed reading Neil van Niekerk‘s previous books, and I looked forward to reading his newest release, Direction & Quality of Light, to complete the trilogy. Fully expecting it to be an extension of the prior two, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was so much more. I think Neil has created the new, de facto standard for anyone wanting to learn how to use and create light for portraiture. Neil’s embraceable writing style coupled with extensive, well-detailed sample photos make his concepts easy for the reader to grasp and apply to their own work.

While I think the book is most beneficial to photographers who are just getting started or are struggling with the concept of “light”, even old dogs like me can pick up some good information in this book. I’ve been working (well, mostly “not working’) on a textbook for my portraiture class at Madison College, mainly because I have yet to find a book that covers enough of the core basics to portrait lighting. Well, I’ve found it.  And I need to thank Neil for saving me scores of hours of writing and designing a book. 🙂  This will be required reading for all of my students starting next fall.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend this book, and it is a steal at twice the price! Well done, sir.  Well done.

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