Another mentoring success

I was honored to have Karen come and visit me for a half-day mentoring session this past week. We focused on techniques and strategies for using TTL speedlights and general lighting approaches outside.  The lovely Miss Erin Thomson joined us as the model du jour. We laughed a lot and from her blog post about the experience, she learned a lot, too.  Excellent! It’s a thrill for me when students can grasp a concept and run with it.  Read more about her experience.

Webinars and seminars can be helpful, but there’s nothing that jumpstarts your knowledge like one-on-one mentoring.  Learn more here.

It’s 11am and we can make it look like dusk. A tricky technique, but fun!

You CAN get pretty light with a just a small soft box and a speedlight.

We even chatted about lighting techniques in the studio.

Coffee helps me form complete sentences.

If you’re using a Larson “Doug Box Box” or a Firefly like I have you can easily switch to bareheaded speedlite by rotating the head. Simple, but many do not even think of this.

Yes, apparently the light is firing.

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