“Wow Weddings” wows them at MAIPP

I just recently got back from a three-day teaching workshop at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It was an honor to be asked to teach at this prestigious school, and an even bigger honor to work with the wonderful students in my class, and KJ, too. (Just kidding, KJ…you were the life of the school party!) A big shout out to David Grupa who kept me on schedule and helped haul my stuff around in the rain. Another shout out to Jim Streeter, one of my students who volunteered to be my lighting monkey on location (thanks, Jim!).  And a final shout out to ACI (my lab) for being one of the major sponsors of the school and for springing for beer and Cajun food at the school party.

I shot as I taught, and taught as I shot. Below are some of the shots from when I taught, but there are no shots of tots…just wedding couples.  Enjoy!

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