Shot, Thrilled in Florida

I was blessed to have the amazing Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) invite me to speak at their annual convention in Orlando. Judging by all of the feedback I’ve received, “Shoot to Thrill” rocked the house!  I had a blast and I made a bunch of new friends.  Special thanks to Debbie Alcorn for extending the invitation, and to Kevin Newsome for suggesting me in the first place.   We had an outdoor speedlight demo after my lecture (which ran long, of course — once I get on a roll, I keep right on teaching!).  It’s a tad warm at noontime in Orlando in August, but we gutted it out and created some fun images with our lovely model, Tamara. Several highlight images are below.

A huge “thank you” to American Color Imaging (ACI) for sponsoring my programs.  Without their support and dedication to photographer education, none of this would be possible. It also doesn’t hurt that they are a fantastic lab.  Check out their new vinyl banners.  The color reproduction is phenomenal, plus the quality is unmatched in the industry. 

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