Speedlights for Commercial Photography

I’ll get the occasional “Yeah, but you can’t use speedlights for commercial photography” comment during programs. This always puzzles me:  how is this any different from portraiture or really any other type of professional photography?  I use speedlights frequently for food and coffee photography both in the studio and on location. I also recently had a full-day shoot with models for ARAMARK Refreshment Services where I used only speedlights in a pretty complex lighting setup.  I captured over 1400 frames that day.  Each one lit using speedlights. It was also a major test for my Nissin battery packs, which totally impressed me with their endurance and fast recycle times. Not only do my speedlights give the light quality I need, but they also give me color consistency and the flexibility to control them remotely from camera position using my RadioPopper Jrx system coupled with RP Cubes.  So let the haters hate, and let the strobists rejoice!

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