Pre-order my upcoming book “Shoot to Thrill”

Shoot to Thril by Michael MowbrayThe book is going to press after the first of the year and will begin shipping May 13!  Here’s your chance to pre-order it and save big!

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

For decades, professional photographers have been using large, expensive studio lighting setups for their shoots. While powerful and effective, they have certain limitations. A new generation of photographers has embraced speedlights, battery powered flashes that can mount on your camera or be triggered remotely. After years of using studio lights, Michael Mowbray switched over to speedlights. He started gradually but soon realized he could shoot nearly everything with speedlights. Specializing in wedding and senior portraits, Mowbray found freedom and renewed creativity with these lights. As he states in the introduction, he no longer chases light, he creates it.While Mowbray’s main focus is the power and flexibility of speedlights, he also provides great tips for composition and location scouting. Also necessary is the ability to improvise on the spot if your planned location doesn’t work out, like his rained out plans for an outdoor bridal shoot. While creative use of speedlights gives a lot of control over the image created, there are some instances where digital postproduction adds something extra that really makes the photo pop. Mowbray gives a number of examples where editing helped make the final image exactly what he and the client were looking for. 

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