Yongnuo 600EX-RT Caution

YN-600EX-RT_6n2Oh, I had such high hopes for the new Yonguo 600EX-RT flash.  At $180, it was a bargain as a replacement for the great but pricey Canon 600EX-RT.  Unfortunately, I am definitely jumping off the bandwagon for these flashes, at least until their QC is improved.

After buying 3 around the first of the year and testing them to quite good in-studio results alongside the Canon 600EX-RT, today I decided to give them a moderate stress test. I set them to manual 1:1 power and triggered with the YN-E3-RT. After about 50 flashes (I kind of lost accurate count in my stupor of triggering the fire button over and over) flash number one blew. Powers up, but the tube is out. Nada. Flash number 2 lasted 35 full power flashes. Flash number 3? Let’s just say that I got to 35 and decided to quit and not tempt fate. To me, this is a moderate stress test compared to a wedding day in full sun and needing to rely on these flashes in HSS.

The YN-E3-RT remote is wonderful and is still a recommended buy at $100.  As for the flash, the features are wonderful for the price. But features and a low price mean nothing if the tube going to fry that easily. I had high hopes for this flash.

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