Senior Portrait Pricing Template

03_SeniorPriceGuide_Cover04Many photographers struggle when it comes to putting together their product and pricing mix for high school senior portraits.  Fortunately I have teamed up with Graphic Authority and PhotoSolutions to create an easy-to-use, modular template that you can simply update with your info.  Designed as a Photoshop layered TIF file, the base template features my entire pricing system.  In fact, it is the actual price menu that I am using for my 2016 senior clients!  Each and every element in the template can be moved, customized, resized — whatever you want!  In the template package you will receive 10 pages of product and pricing options plus four front cover options and a back cover where you can place your logo and contact information.  The template can be reproduced as a standard brochure, or as a hardcover or softcover book if you want to take it up a notch (that’s what I do!).  Learn more at the PhotoSolutions web store.  Use the code MOWBRAY and save 20% when you order online!

Also, here’s a quick YouTube video that shows how the template works.  Enjoy!

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