Using the X1 transmitter with MoLight Godox AD360 manual flash

I had a customer ask if the new X1 transmitter will work with the older manual flashes such as the AD360 and V850.  The answer is “yes, absolutely!”.  You do need to use the new X-System clip in receivers.  For the AD360 use the XTR16.  For the V850 use the XTR16s.

Your flashes will also work in high speed sync with the X1.  You do need to enable the HSS feature on your flash first.  Then rock and roll in HSS up to 1/8000.

Here is a quick iPhone video I shot to show the X1 working with the AD360 and XTR16.

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  1. Yes, that is correct. You do need the XTR16 receiver in order to use the X1 with the manual AD360

  2. I have a Pentax K-3 and three Godox V850’s with the transmitters and FTR-16s receivers. I do not have a p-ttl flash for my Pentax camera. Would the X1 and XTR16 receiver enable me to shoot above the Pentax sync speed of 160?

    Thank you for your time.


  3. Hi Cindy. The receivers won’t help you achieve HSS with the Pentax as that is not paired with that particular camera and will not be able to receive and thus transmit the necessary HSS timing that is specific to that camera.

  4. Hi. I have the ad360. Ive been using it with nikon, with full manual controll wirelessly. Now i have bought the x1t for my new sony. But i cant seem to control the flash. I try adjusting from 1/1 to 1/128, but the flash is at the same value all the time. But it does flash.
    Any idea what im doing wrong?

  5. You need to use the newer XTR16 receiver on your AD360II as the X1T transmits at a different frequency (2.4ghz) than the older system. Then you need to make sure both are on the same channel and that the receiver is set to group ABCD or E.

  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, i have the xtr16, but i have the first version of AD360, not AD360II 🙂
    I get to make it flash when i press the shutter or the test button. But it wont let me adjust the power wireless. Ive tried to understand the users manual to, but its not explained good enough

  7. Thanks for this video. I just ordered the new AD360ll TTL flash and new XPro transmitter. But also have an older AD360 manual flash.
    Will this XTR16 work on the manual 360 using the new XPro transmitter?

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