The MoLight Godox QT600II is wicked fast!

qt600iiI finally got a chance to test out the brand new MoLight Godox QT600II studio flash with my buddy and fellow photography, Dan Frievalt, on Tuesday. What makes this flash special? Three words: Wicked. Short. Flash. Duration.  Okay, I guess that was four. 😉  The QT600II is built for speed. In fact, it has a SPEED mode. This is where it gets really cool.  It’s already a very quick flash with incredibly quick recycle times (see the video below). But enable the SPEED mode under Custom Function 01 and this baby earns its name as THE FLASH. The t.01 flash duration goes as fast as 1/28948s (in Speed Mode).  That’s insane.  In the video and sample photos below, we set the flash to 1/32 power, which gave us a duration of right around 1/6600th.  Is that quick enough to freeze motion?  Oh, hell yeah.

We also simultaneously tested the Sony a6300 mirrorless camera as one of its great features is 11fps in high speed mode. So we clicked into high speed, set the flash to SPEED, and cued the dancer. The resulting frames look like stop motion. And it did stop motion.  No blur where you expect it on a dancer. The trail foot was tack sharp, as was the flowing skirt.

If you shoot dance or any sort of action, this flash is a must-have.  Did I mention that it works with the rest of the X-System as it has a built-in X-System receiver?  We triggered it here with the X1T-S for Sony, but the flash it compatible with all versions of the X1T as well as the X32 and the X16.   Oh, did I mention it also does High Speed Sync up to 1/8000th?  There are a lot of features built into this incredible flash. Learn more at the MoLight Store.

Since we blew through our initial shipment of QT600II flashes in just a week I have put together a preorder list that you can join. If you want one of the first ones to arrive in the next shipment, choose “Priority 1” and all I need is a refundable $100 deposit to secure your spot and guarantee you a flash (once you pay the balance and they arrive).  If you just want to be one of the first to be notified when they arrive, choose “Standard” and I will email everyone on the Standard list once the Priority orders have been filled.
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