Introducing the Little Mo 22″ Square Softbox…perfect for speedlights!

little_mo_promoI’ve had numerous requests to add a smaller softbox to the GoMo lineup over the past year since the 36″ and 48″ Octas were introduced. You asked, I answered: Introducing the Little Mo 22″ Square Softbox with a grid.

This little guy is a great match for your MoLight V860II speedlight.  And it pairs up nicely with the AD360II and the AD600BM flashes as well!  It features strong, durable construction like the rest of the GoMo lineup. The umbrella style makes set up a breeze. And with two removable layers of diffusion plus the included grid, you have plenty of lighting options at your fingertips. It comes with a Bowens S mount, so just add on the Bowens S Adapter and you can mount any speedlight to it.  Or, snap it onto your Bowens-ready AD600BM or QT600II.

9571-edit-copyI love the dramatic yet soft light this double-diffused little box delivers.  Just look at what a single speedlight plus a great model can deliver.  One light, but awesome! (Model: Nikki Wruk)

Check out this great little portable box while it is still on sale for the holidays.  Just $99!

Order now.

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