The revolutionary AD200 flash has arrived.

ad200_01I just cracked the AD200 shipment open. This really is going to be a game changer. Presenting the new MoLight Godox AD200!

The switchable head is really easy to change out. It’s a snug fit in the Bowens S Adapter but it definitely fits. No problem swapping the heads when it is in the mount. If you have a modifier attached you will need to remove the modifier or pull the flash out to switch the heads (though I can’t see that happening all that often. If it’s in a softbox or beauty dish, you will use the bare bulb. When it’s used without a modifier, you are likely using the fresnel speedlight head and are often using the barn doors and grid (sold separately).

I will be doing power and performance tests this weekend. Stay tuned.

It’s just $299. Order in the store:

Or, After April 4:

Product Details:

Packing power into a small form factor, the AD200 is the perfect combination of portability, flexibility and punch.

The AD200 is just a little larger than a standard speedlight, but boy does this baby pack a wallop! 200ws of power (a speedlight is around 60ws in comparison). But that’s not where the features end. Check this out:

  • Works with Canon, Nikon and Sony. Software for all three camera brands is built in!
  • TTL and Manual settings remotely via an X-System transmitter like the X1.
  • Automatic HSS up to 1/8000th.
  • Built in lithium ion battery. It’s all self contained…no need for an external power pack! Long lasting, too…up to 500 full power pops!

These babies are flying off the shelves as you can imagine. We will do our best to keep them in stock and ready to ship, but don’t hesitate or they could be gone.


Model: AD200

Wireless slave mode: radio transmission mode (compatible with Nikon Sony Canon)

Flash mode: Wireless off (slave unit of radio transmission) – M / Multi (TTL / M / Multi)

Compatible cameras under radio transmission (as slave unit): Nikon (X1N as master unit), Sony (X1S as master unit), Canon (X1C as master unit)

Guide number (1/1 output): Flash light Flash head 52 (m ISO 100, @ 35mm), incandescent lamp Flash head 60 (m ISO 100, with AD-S2 standard reflector, @ 28mm)

Flash duration t0.1 (approx.): Flash light Flash head / light bulb Flash head (1/220 to 1/13000 seconds)

Power: 220W

Power output: 8 levels (1/128 ~ 1/1)

Stroboscopic Flash: Offer (up to 90 times, 99Hz)

Flash exposure correction (FEC): manual. FEB: + – 3 stops in 1-3 steps.

Synchronization mode: high-speed synchronization (up to 1 / 8000s), synchronization of the first curtain, synchronization of the second curtain.

Delay flash: 0.01-30 seconds.

Mask / Beep / Modeling Lamp (LED) / Flashing Light: Yes

Optical slave flash: S1 / S2

Wireless flash (2.4G transmission)

Wireless Flash Function: Slave, Off

Controllable slave groups: 5 (A / B / C / D / E)

Transmission range (approx.): 100m

Channels: 32

Power supply:

Power supply: Lithium battery (14.4V / 2900mAh)

The full power flashes: 500

Recycling time: Approx. 0.01-2.1s

Battery indication: YES

Power indicator: After about 30 minutes idle mode, automatic power supply.

Sync Shutter mode: 3.5mm sync line, wireless control port.

Color temperature: 5600 + -200K

Dimension: 168 * 75 * 500mm

Net weight: 560g

Comes with it’s own case. Optional grid, barn door, and gel set sold separately.

It’s just $299. Order in the store:

Or, After April 4:

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