Category: Commercial Photography

  • The MoLight Godox QT600II is wicked fast!

    I finally got a chance to test out the brand new MoLight Godox QT600II studio flash with my buddy and fellow photography, Dan Frievalt, on Tuesday. What makes this flash special? Three words: Wicked. Short. Flash. Duration.  Okay, I guess that was four. 😉  The QT600II is built for speed. In fact, it has a […]

  • Using the MoLight Witstro AD360 and V850 speedlight for commercial photography

    Although I primarily photograph people, on occasion it is a nice break to photograph something that just sits there and says “cheese” for hours on end.  🙂  I just recently photographed this artisan blue and swiss cheese collection for a specialty retailer I have worked with for many years.  Working with a combo of the […]