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Headshots on location with the MoLights and GoMo Boxes

One of the things that I love best about both the MoLight flashes and the GoMo Boxes is that they are extremely portable.  If you have ever had to do headshots on location by yourself, you understand how important portability is! Here I am using my go-to headshot setup: MoLight Witstro AD360 super flash as the […]

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Lighting Basics – Direction of Light and Lighting Patterns, Monday Morning Cup of Mo, Episode 06

The new year is time to refresh, revisit and revitalize.  In this week’s episode of MMCOM, I revisit the importance of light direction, what I think is the most important aspect of lighting. We can talk about light quality (soft or hard, specularity, etc.) until we are blue in the face, but if the light […]

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