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Doubling up with the Westcott Rapid Box Duo

In our never-ending quest to battle the sun on location, there is one constant: one can never have too much power. But often that power comes at the cost of a lot of weight to carry around. This one reason I am a fan of the Godox/Neewer Witstro AD360 super-speedlight:  it kicks out a lot […]

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Godox/Neewer 850: the perfect studio speedlight?

I’m known as TTL speedlight guy.  Heck, I even wrote a book on it (order yours now at Amazon!).  So I’ve always been a little snobbish towards the cheaper, non-brand name speedlights. In many cases, I was justified as the build quality, features and overall performance just weren’t up to professional standards, in my opinion. […]

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