MoLight Firmware Updates

Your MoLights can be updated with the latest software!  How cool is that?

Currently, the firmware update software works best with the Windows 7 operating system.  You can also use Windows 10 with a few extra tweaks (link to YouTube video created by another user). Shlomi Cohen also posted a tutorial for using Windows 10 on his blog.  It is not compatible with Mac OS.

Here is the link to the official Godox firmware download page:  Firmware

To see a complete listing of the firmware updates and what they changed or tweaked, visit the Chinese download page here: direct link to the Godox Chinese downloads page. It is in Chinese, so your best bet is to use a Google Chrome browser and click to “translate” when given that option. 🙂




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  1. Hi Michael – Just thought I’d let you know that things have been changing on the Windows 10 front. The firmware update will likely work for those that already have had the drivers installed for some time (they are grandfathered in, so they are telling me). Those that have a FRESH install of the “Creator’s Update” or later (I had one), have the extra fun of having to turn off “Secure boot” in the UEFI (BIOS). Also, if you have Bitlocker on (I did), you have to retrieve your Bitlocker key from Microsoft, just to get your system back. Then you can perform the steps in the video (the other link is broken, btw), with the exception that you no longer have the Java install. Just in case you get questions, I thought I’d pass along some new information. Jim P.S. I don’t know if you’re allowed to give feedback to Godox, but they need to some how, some way get a SIGNED driver, and all of this pain would go away…

  2. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the update. Kind of forgot about this post. LOL. I posted it before Godox was doing the more comprehensive download page in English.

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