MoLight User Manuals

Here are some handy PDF manuals that you can download.  Don’t forget to check out my “How To” videos as well.

MoLight AD360II Canon

MoLight AD360II Nikon

MoLight X1-C Canon Transmitter

MoLight X1-N Nikon Transmitter

MoLight TT685 Canon Speedlight

MoLight TT685 Nikon Speedlight

MoLight FT16 and FT16S Manual Transmitter

MoLight AD360 Manual Flash

MoLight V850 Manual Speedlight

Also, here is a quick pic reference for setting the dip switches on your manual transmitters and receivers (FT16, FT16s, XTR16, and XTR16s tx and rx) to help make it easier to understand what channel numbers relate to the dip switch settings. This will come in most handy when trying to use an X1 transmitter with a manual flash equipped with the newer XTR16 receivers.




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