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Funky Fashion Tools — Monday Morning Cup of Mo, Episode 04

Last week I talked about the need to collaborate with other creative people in order to grow your own creativity.  This week, I take that a step further. Sometime we just need to shake up the tools that we use in our craft, especially if we find that we do the same thing over and over again. In this episode of MMCOM I demonstrate a nifty little tool called the Light Blaster.  It consists of a central simple projector piece that you attach a lens to (wide angle is best — I use a Sigma 20mm) and then strap to a standard speedlight to supply the power — I use the powerful MoLight V850 flash.  You drop any 35mm slide into the slide slot and presto…you have a projected image when you trigger your flash.  Light Blaster offers a number of different slides on their store.  My favorites are the more geometric monochromatic designs.  Plus, since any 35mm slide will work, I created a number of geometric designs on my own and had them printed from digital files using a service called Express Slides.   The conversion cost just $2.10 per slide and they look fabulous!  I used my own designs for the shoot below.


The first portion of the shoot consisted of projecting patterns onto a white vinyl sweep.  I got some really cool stuff right off the bat.  So, then I thought, why not project the pattern ONTO my subject, the talented Erin Thomson?  The results were very cool as well. Check out the photos and the videos below.  I show the setup in more detail in Part III.  The flash was set to 1/2 power for all shots.  Camera settings were 1/160th @ f5.6, ISO400. Canon 5DIII with a Sigma Art 50 1.4 lens.

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Collaborating with Models – Monday Morning Cup of Mo, Episode 03

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In this week’s episode of the Monday Morning Cup of Mo I discuss how and why to collaborate with models and other creative people in order to grow creatively and stay sharp.  Professional model Cat Lasee was kind enough to join in for the live shoot.  Check out the two-part episode as well as an initial image from the shoot.

Want to check out those fabulous battery-powered lights I am using to rapid fire in the studio?  It’s a combination of my MoLight Witstro AD360 and MoLight V850 speedlights.  Plus the brand new GoMo softboxes.  Shop now.


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