MICHAEL MOWBRAY: PHOTOGRAPHER, TEACHIFIER, PHOTO EVANGELIST -- Michael is a noted speedlight expert and the best-selling author of flash photography books Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studo. These are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and wherever fine books are sold.
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Monday Morning Cup of Mo, Episode 02: Understanding TTL Flash

If you have troubles working with or understanding TTL flash, then this episode is for you! I get into how TTL flash works and interacts with your camera’s metering system.  Check it out…hopefully it can help!  If you are looking for even more detail on how to make TTL flash rock for you, pick up my best-selling speedlight book Shoot to Thrill. Everything in the book was photographed with speedlights, and most images were captured using TTL flash.

Shoot to Thril by Michael Mowbray

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GoMo Box Reviews are in…

I love the reviews and feedback that I am getting for the new GoMo Boxes!  Check ’em out:

“I got to try out the new Go Mo Box! It was great! First off, it folds up like an umbrella. Easy to transport. Seems very tough. It came with an inner and outer diffusion panels… the light can be feathered nicely…It held-up good with the breeze… a little better than the rectangular boxes I also use. I think this will be a good addition to my tool box. The right tool for the right job.” ~ Carl Caylor, M.Photog, Cr.

“Opened it up tonight and blown away with the quality construction and ease of use . 🙂 Shipping was lightning fast and packaged very very well.” ~ Jason Schoenig

“It looks and feel awesome, I know it will be the perfect on-location box for me!…Very impressed with quality of build.” ~ Dan Davis

It’s time to step up to the perfect go-anywhere softbox — The GoMo Box.


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