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Monday Morning Cup of Mo: Episode 01, Actress Headshot

Quick back of the camera shot from this morning

Quick back of the camera shot from this morning’s session.

I launched my new LIVE Periscope show “Monday Morning Cup of Mo” this morning with a bang! Or, should I say “bangs” as I demonstrated how to photograph an actress headshot for the beautiful and bang-marvelous model/actress Brittany Rose Lange.  I also got a chance to show off the new GoMo Boxes in a studio setting…man, these are sweet!

Check out the replay of Episode 01 below, and be sure to check out the GoMo Boxes in my store.

The GoMo Boxes will be here soon!

gomo_promoTo celebrate the impending arrival of the new GoMo line of location softboxes, I took my production prototype out to the streets of Madison, Wisconsin to shoot some demos with the lovely Erin Thomson. I also had the bright idea of Periscoping LIVE on location, which worked great live, but failed on the backend when Periscope didn’t save 2 out of the 3 videos for replay.  Never fear!  I saved the videos to my iPhone and have uploaded them to YouTube.  Check ’em out below: