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Removing Moire on Sony Image Files — Another 30-Second Hack

Sony users — are you getting moire patterns showing up in dress shirts and such? I am, but fortunately there is a simple fix in both Capture One (my preference) and Lightroom. I created one of my quick “30-Second Hack” videos to show how to quickly and easily fix this pesky problem in Capture One. Hope this helps as I am seeing more and moire (ha!) people switching to Sony. The Sony a7RIII lacks an anti-aliasing filter, which gives you sharper image files but can lead to moire showing up more frequently.

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New 30-second hack: how to quickly deal with distracting elements near the edge of your images

I prefer to crop in camera as best as I can, but sometimes the best framing for the subject means that I have to include a distracting element in the image. For example, the black and white post on the edge of this image. Of course we can get rid of it in Photoshop. In fact, there are several ways. But which is the best?  To me, it’s the one that is the fastest. Watch my latest 30-second hack and save a ton of time and avoid using the clone stamp, healing brush, and content-aware replacement. Before and after shown below.




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