Shoot to Thrill: Flash Dancing with Speedlights

Shoot to Thril by Michael MowbrayShoot to Thrill:  Flash Dancing with Speedlights

Baffled by your speedlight?  Michael Mowbray will help you understand this sometimes complex little beastie.  And, he’ll show you how to make it dance to your commands so you can create beautiful lighting both in the studio and on location.  From TTL with top-end brandname speedlights to manual control of inexpensive off-brand flashes, Michael will talk you through how to get great results from a little light.

On the technical side, Michael Mowbray will show you how he leverages speedlites to create images that thrill his clients. Ever wonder if speedlites could work for lighting everything at your studio?  Michael says, “Yes!” Michael uses speedlites for 99.9% of his lighting work.  In the studio.  On location. Everywhere.  As a senior and wedding photographer, Michael has found that fits his working style to a T. He adds, “The funny thing is, I own a complete set of studio lights that sits in the closet gathering dust.  I’ve found that as I’ve built my lighting style around the mastery of speedlites, my work has gotten better, I’ve crafted a unique style, my sales have increased, and my workflow has gotten simpler. Plus, I’ve gotten my evenings back in the summer – I schedule my senior sessions between 10a – 4p.  I no longer chase light…I create it. And I no longer fear the sun…I embrace it.”  Find out how this three-time International PPA Photographer of the Year winner creates his dramatic speedlite-based portraiture in his class. Sponsored by ACI and MoLight.



Michael is the author of the best-selling speedlight books “Shoot to Thrill” and “The Speedlight Studio”.  Both are available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

Program Specifics:  1.5 – 4 hours lecture format (customizable); optional 2 – 4 hour hands-on, shootout; available as a 2-day workshop as well

Categories:  Can be specific to weddings or seniors, or can cover all disciplines.

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