16_4154-2v2cropAn evolution of Shoot to Thrill

The sky is falling, the barbarians are at the gates, and the well’s gone dry (on the positive side, now it’s finally safe to rescue Timmy from that darn well.)  Bah humbug…not!  Let’s escape from this doom and gloom talk and take actionThunderstruck is about how to separate yourself from the competition and motivate clients to join your tribe and become active, vocal fans. Michael will cover how to amaze, stun, and astonish your market with breath-taking portraiture. Use cool, dramatic lighting. Nail your posing and direction and make your client look awesome.   But it doesn’t stop there; Michael will discuss how to leave your clients thunderstruck at every turn.  Your editing, your service skills, your studio ambiance, your interaction with your client, your product mix —  all must contribute to an incredible experience that turns your clients into motivated fans.  Finally, Michael will share pricing and selling strategies that helped him increase his senior portrait average  sale by 50% over last year, and how he maintains an average wedding sale that is twice the market average.  Drop your socks and grab your crocs…Michael is bringing the rain with Thunderstruck.32_XAdylan

 On the technical side, Michael Mowbray will show you how he leverages speedlights to create images that thrill his clients.

Available as a 2-4 hour program.

Sponsored by ACI.


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