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DVD: Walkabout Weddings

Follow Michael on a real wedding day and see how he creates his award-winning urban chic images. Totally candid and unscripted, you get to be a virtual second shooter and see how Michael uses light, creates poses and moments, and works one-on-one with clients.

See how Michael and his team get geared up for the day – literally. Start off with a review of the gear Michael uses.

See how Michael uses his Walkabout technique to his advantage to find new, cool looks and locations.

See how Michael creates a Best of Show award-winning image during the course of this wedding!

A quality DVD priced at HALF of what other speakers charge for their DVDs.

List Price : $ 99.00 ON SALE NOW! $49.50

Order [/REMIX]

See the trailer for the DVD…

Walkabout Weddings Trailer from Michael Mowbray on Vimeo.

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